• We want to make it easier for victims of rape or sexual assault to come forward for treatment and support to access services and rebuild their lives.
    The Blue Sky Centre
  • The Blue Sky Centre is open to anyone. We realise how hard it is to speak out so you can expect to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion.
    The Blue Sky Centre
  • You will be in control of what happens; it is on your terms and in your time. We will provide the information to help you to decide what is best for you.
    The Blue Sky Centre
  • " I unfortunately had to come to Blue Sky Centre after I was assaulted by my partner. The crisis worker, Emma, was totally amazing. I could not have got through any of it without her. She was kind, professional, caring and, put simply, fantastic! I was in such a dark and confused place a simple hug and being told its going to be ok is all I needed at that time." Female client aged 25.
  • “The staff and everyone behind the Blue Sky Centre should be immensely proud of the fantastic facility and service they have developed.” Baroness Vivien Stern, C.B.E.
  • Have you been raped or sexually assaulted within the last seven days?

    Helpful advice and information from professionally trained advisors
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  • Have you been a victim of rape or sexual assault in the past?

    It's never too late to talk to someone
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  • Are you supporting someone who has been sexually assaulted?

    Advice for friends, family or employers
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  1. Blue Sky Centre supports the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

    3 January 2018

    The IICSA wants to hear from victims who were sexually abused as a child, and were let down by an organisation that should have protected them. Survivors can share their views and experiences in a supportive and confidential setting through the Truth Project – victims are given support during the phases of sharing their experiences.  Over 1600 [...]
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