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    April 2013

  1. High Court rules that ignoring women’s wishes can lead to rape charges

    26 April 2013

    In the High Court on Wednesday 24th April 2013, the Lord Chief Justice and two other judges ruled that a man who “deliberately ignored the basis” on which a woman gave her consent to sex could be guilty of rape and that women have a choice about the type of sex they want. A woman [...]

  2. Ladies Groups support the Blue Sky Centre

    17 April 2013

    A whole range of facilities to help make the experience at the Centre more comfortable have been provided through kind donations by local ladies organisations. Kenilworth Ladies Circle made a significant financial donation in 2011 which has helped to provide refreshment and entertainment for clients and the Warwickshire Mothers Union are supplying us with toiletries so that [...]

  3. Centre sees first clients

    9 April 2013

    The Blue Sky Centre has already supported clients from both Coventry and Warwickshire. Both self-referrals and police-led cases have benefited from the new facilities and the support of Crisis Workers.

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