Anonymous reporting

It is your decision whether to report an assault to the Police. If you are undecided we can talk with you about your options. Whether you decide to involve the police or not the same services are offered to you, which are confidential treatment, medical care, counseling, emergency contraception, testing etc, or you may wish to report the crime anonymously.

We can pass on anonymous reporting to the Police with your consent or even consider having forensic samples anonymously analysed.

What is anonymous reporting?

Anonymous Reporting is information regarding your Rape or Sexual Assault which at your request we can share with the police without the Police knowing any of your personal identification details.

If you decide you don’t want to report the Rape or Assault to the Police, we will ask if you want to provide anonymous reporting to the police. If you do we write an account of what happened but without any of your details and submit to the police -this helps them build up a picture about what is happening in their area but without knowing anything about you – again, this is completely up to you.

Should you later want to talk to the police we can arrange this for you – initially just an informal chat and they still don’t need to know who you are. If you want to then formally report, this can be done – we will support you through this and arrange it all for you – but it is still your decision.

Why report anonymously?

Any information you pass on helps the police to track patterns of crime and can help them gain a profile on an attacker that may assist other similar investigations. However the Police cannot prosecute anyone for your attack without your support.

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