Whether your rape or sexual assault/abuse happened a couple of weeks ago or 40 years ago it is never too late to seek the support you need. The Blue Sky Centre can offer you support and advice it is never too late.

Reporting abuse is not a decision that can be made easily. The majority of victims of historic abuse think about it for many years.

There a number of factors that can prevent a person from reporting, such as:

  • Fear of what you may be asked.
  • Fear of not being believed.
  • Fear of how your own lifestyle will be perceived.
  • Fear of what will happen to your children/Loved ones.
  • Fear of repercussions from the offender and their family members.
  • Fear of how your family members will react – fear that it may make them ill, especially if you have elderly relatives.
  • Fear of re-surfacing the pain.
  • Fear is entirely normal.

If the attack was more than seven days ago then the evidential benefits of a forensic medical examination are likely to be very limited. In some circumstances, however, there may be good reason to conduct such an examination, either to set your mind at rest regarding injury or to secure some evidence of historic injury.

The Blue Sky Centre is able to help with other matters, for example we can still provide advice and information on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), practical and emotional support. This support may be via a referral to an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA).

You can call us on 02476 865505 to enquire about support for survivors of historic abuse.
Our services are available to everyone.

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