If you have been a victim of rape or sexual assault in the last 7 days, we understand how scared and confused you might be and how difficult you may be finding it to speak to someone about it. You do not have to cope with this alone.  The Blue Sky Centre is here to help you. We have a team of specially trained and dedicated crisis workers who understand how difficult it can be to talk about and what impact rape and sexual assault can have on people’s lives.

It can be difficult at this time of crisis to think clearly about your choices – though it may not feel like it, you still have options available to you.

The Blue Sky Centre is independent of any other agency so you do not have to worry about the police or any other agency or person (including your loved ones) finding out about your assault.  Our staff will treat anything you say to them with confidentiality*.

If the attack was more than seven days ago then the evidential benefits of a forensic medical examination are likely to be very limited. In some circumstances, however, there may be good reason to conduct such an examination, either to set your mind at rest regarding injury or to secure some evidence of historic injury. Even if you don’t need or want such an examination there are many services such as counselling or ISVA that would be of benefit to you and we can arrange those services for you. It may be that we refer you to the most appropriate local support organisation to provide this.

For advice or to make an appointment contact us on 02476 865505 (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

Are you in immediate danger?

If you are in immediate danger it is important that you call the Police on 999 in an emergency or 101 in a non-emergency.

If you need to flee a dangerous situation but have children or other responsibilities that prevent you from escaping, please call us on 02476 865505.   We have contacts with many specialist agencies within Coventry and Warwickshire and can coordinate accommodation and support.

*We may need to break confidentiality if we believe you or someone else is at risk of serious harm. We would keep you informed of this wherever possible. We will need to share information with other agencies if we believe a child has been or is at risk of serious harm.*

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