Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

A victim of criminal injury, which occurred in England, Scotland or Wales, may apply to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

The claim must be made within two years of the assault taking place. In some cases the time limit is waived if exceptional cicumstances prevented you from submitting an application at an earlier date.

No legal advice or representation is necessary to make an application for compensation. Your ISVA will be able to fully advise and assist you in this regard.

In the case of rape or sexual assault the offender does not necessarily have to have been convicted of, or even charged with that crime for the victim to make a compensation claim. 

In determining whether to make an award the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will make enquries with all relevant organisations i.e. Police, SARC etc to verify the information provided by the claimant prior to granting compensation.

You can find more information from your local Victim Support, your ISVA or by contacting the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme -

Victim Support Helpline – 0845 303 0900

Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme – 0300 003 3601

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