Blue Sky Centre supports over 1000 people since opening

9 March 2016

The Blue Sky Centre has now supported over 1000 victims of sexual abuse, of every age and gender, in the slightly under three years of operation. Tony Mumford, Centre Manager, feels both sadness and pride at this milestone: “Sadness that so many people have been subjected to the torment of sexual abuse but pride that each and every one of them has, hopefully, received a far better service than they would have had before we were here. In particular the almost 30% of our clients who have self-referred may not have had anywhere to turn to. We are very proud also of our staff who have maintained a 24/7 availability for almost three years, quite an achievement given that there are only a handful of them. We are also very grateful to our funding partners: Coventry City Council, Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire County Council and NHS England, and to our partners in CRASAC, RoSA, Safeline and Terrence Higgins Trust who provide ongoing support and counselling for our clients.”

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