Second year shows rise in client numbers

20 April 2015

The second year of our service ended on 31st March 2015. In our first year we supported 276 people of every age and gender. In the year just ended we extended this support to 383 people, an increase of 107 or 37%. It was encouraging that non-police clients have risen from 19% last year to 30% this year.

We describe this rise in client numbers as ‘bittersweet’. We strive for a world in which there are no victims of sexual abuse for us to support, but we are hopeful that the rise in numbers, which is consistent with a rise in sexual violence cases recorded by the police, reflects a greater confidence to report and seek support amongst victims.

The Centre has also been able to deliver a full 24/7 service 365 days a year for the second year running, a fantastic effort by our dedicated staff.

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