Who is it for?

  • Children and Young People

    Children and Young People Read More

    There are free dedicated services available to you with many easy ways of contacting them.

  • LGBT

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    Rape and Sexual Assault can happen to anyone. The Blue Sky Centre is here to help anyone who has been Raped or Sexually Assaulted.

  • Men

    Men Read More

    Rape and sexual assault has no social boundaries and impacts on everyone in society and can happen anywhere and to anyone.

  • Paediatric Service for 0-17 year olds

    Paediatric Service for 0-17 year olds Read More

  • Supporter

    Supporter Read More

    Following a sexual assault, many people feel distressed and may find that it is difficult to cope. Supporting a partner, friend or family member who has been sexually assaulted can be distressing. It can be very hard to know what to say and do to help.

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