Male victim information

What is male sexual assault?

Male sexual assault is when a man has been forced to take part in any sexual act with another man or woman that they did not consent to, even if they did not resist or fight back at the time of the incident.

Can a male be a victim of rape or sexual assault at any age?

Males can be victims of rape or sexual assault at any age. It could have happened to a male victim as a child, teenager or as an adult.

Why didnt I fight the offender off?

It is not unusual for someone to freeze during rape, due to shock or fear for their own life. Men are likely to freeze due to never having considered the possibility of such things happening and they are therefore completely unprepared.

How common is sexual violence among men?

3 in 20 men are affected by sexual violence. Sexual Violence can be physical, mental, coercive or manipulative. Sexual violence can involve women as well as men as the perpetrators.

Are only gay men victims of rape or sexual assault?

Men can be victims of sexual attack regardless of their sexual orientation. And while the attacker is more often male, men can be and are sexually assaulted by women. For many attackers, the most significant thing is that they are taking control of the victim, expressing anger or seeking to hurt someone – albeit through a forced sexual act. If you have been a victim of this kind of crime you may naturally start to think about issues of sexuality. You may wonder if the attacker was gay, straight or bisexual. You may also worry about whether or not it has implications for your own sexuality. Some men are particularly upset because they may have become physically aroused during the attack and worry about what this could mean. But if this has happened to you, you should remember that this is likely to have been a purely physical reaction, like a reflex, over which you may have no control.

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